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When you apply, you might have these questions.

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Here are the answers.

1. What is the best time to start my application?

-  Hiring process comes all year around so suit yourself. 

 The schools usually hire the teachers 3-6 months before the start date.

2. Can I go anytime during the year or are there starting dates?

- You can come any time.

Some schools are hiring the teachers who can come ASAP.

The most contracts start the first day of the month. It's a year contract. ( For example, September 1st, 2019-August 30th, 2020)

3. How long does the application take from start to landing in Korea?

- If you have all required documents, it takes three weeks to arrive in Korea after applying.

  so if you want to come ASAP, please prepare for your required documents in advance. 

4.  I would prefer to teach only elementary school students in the morning. Is it realistic that I could find private jobs?

- NO. You should apply for the public jobs.They are in the public schools  in the morning/early afternoon.

There are two types of private school jobs. You should choose one of them.
1) Daytime jobs : 9/10am to 6/7pm, teaching mostly kindergartens with some elementary school students 
2) Afternoon jobs :  1-9pm/2-10pm, teaching mostly elementary with some middle school students

5. I want to bring a pet. Is that possible?
Yes. But you should tell this when you apply. Some apartments offered by the schools do not accept pets.
We should talk about this with the schools.
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