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Start date : March 1st
Location : Gwangju
Salary : 2.2
Teaching hours : 3-10
Students level : Elementary and middle school
Class Size : 5-10
Housing : A furnished single housing
Airfare : One way to Korea
Health Insurance : Half
Paid vacation : 2 weeks
Severance pay : Yes

Comments :
We are located in Gwangju.
Gwangju is a diverse and vibrant city; the 6th largest in Korea with a population of about 1.5 million.  There is much to do and always something happening that you can get involved with.  Called “The City of Light,” Gwangju is famous for its food and strong foreigner community
Among the foreigners who live there, Gwangju is also loved for having open, friendly, and helpful locals.

We prefer to hire a female teacher. We have a good relationship between the teachers.
We will provide the school pictures and housing. We focus on teaching elementary and middle school students.
We focus on teaching elementary and middle school students. We are very proud of them. They are improving English listening,  reading and writing.
Hope you can join us and make a great team.

If you want to apply for a specific job, Please inform us the job title and location on the application form ( Job preferences section). If your application is complete and looks good, our consultant will talk to the school right away.

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